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    3pcs Feodora Anti Acne face wash combo

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    3pcs Feodora Anti Acne face wash combo

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    3pcs Feodora Anti Acne face wash combo

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    Neem extract-Neem extract is used to made this product. Neem also known as Azadirachtaindica. Neem oil is excellent for treating skin related ailments including rashes and infections from pollution & fungal effect. Neem oil is extracted from neem seeds and is enriched with many medicinal properties. It’s been long using to make cosmetics and other beauty products for it’s medicinal, anti bacterial properties. So as to we are using Neem Extract to make Feodora anti acne facewash. It also help to control excess oil production without drying out natural skin moisturizer,any kind of skin irritations and itching.
    Tulsi extract-tulsi extract is used to make this anti acne facewash. Tulsi is called queen of herbs. It has a special place on ayuveda. It is reach in anti oxidants and that helps to detoxify our skin cell. Among a number of causes for Acne and rashes development, one of the main cause clogged pores & blocked hair follicles on your skin. Tulsi help to remove excess oil, dirt, dust, pollution from deep level of skin and clear out the skin blemishes and acne.
    Mint extract- Botanically known as menthe piperita. Mint extract is used to make this face wash. Anti inflammatory properties and the presence of salicylic acid make mint an active ingredient in many skin care products that treat acne. Mint extract clean oil and dart from deep without causing your dryness.it helps tackling acne and remove your actual ageing sign.lt helps to cool & sooth skin and give a flawless skin.
    Lavang extract-lavang extract is used to made this facewash. it fight against acne pimple and anti bacterial infections. Gooseberries extract-gooseberries extract is used to made this facewash. In a study conducted by the school of cosmetic science gooseberry is found to be a rich source of bioactive compounds which have potential anti ageing properties. Gooseberry helps in controlling pimples and scarring associated with acne.It acts as a natural blood purifier which in turn prevents the formation of acne besides fighting the acne causing bacteria.


    Prevent acne pimple and infections.
    Give your skin tighten.
    Clear black and white heads.
    Helps to lighten skintone.

    Who can use-

    It is applicable for oily to normal.
    use any other care of skin infections.
    use this product if you are looking acne and pimple free skin.

    How to use-

    Take appropriate quantity of Feodora anti acne face wash also rub into your wet palm to geta soft lather.you can use this face wash all over your face and neck with special care.
    Then massage gently all over your face,neck,nose and chin area.
    Wash your face with a gently facewash and pat dry

    3pcs Feodora Anti Acne face wash combo

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