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    D Pigmentation Cream

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    Feodora SPOTLESS CLEAR D PIGMENTATION Cream is a true miracle of Nature + Science. It picks its routes from 5000 years old ancient system of life & blends it with modern science. This path breaking multi action formula is infused with Antioxidants, Vitamins & healing Oils from nature.

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    Ginger extract-Ginger works magically on scars that are caused by pigmentation. Ginger contains antioxidants which help to fight dark spots caused by ageing and also toning properties that keep your skin glowing and hydrated. Ginger is anti bacterial, anti ageing and anti inflammatory.
    Turmaric extract- It is also known as glow enhancing herbs. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that may protect the skin from free radicals. Turmeric can increase your skin’s susceptibility to sun damage. Turmeric benefits the skin by reducing the appearance of dark circles.
    Saffron-saffron helps you achieve bright skin. Saffron is an excellent natural ingredient that packed with Vita min – C, helps to reduce Tan & pigmentation, brown spots and other skin blemishes and acne spots. Tanning can be annoying, especially for people who have lighter skin tone. The exfoliating properties of saffron, however, make it perfect for skin tan removal, enhance natural glow and give you spotless beauty.
    Sun flower seed-Sun flower seed oil keeps your skin glowing , soft & elastin. Vitamin E enriched sun flower seeds are known to be common remedy fight off premature ageing reduces acne .It keeps your skin hydrated and make your skin soft, supple, and radiant.
    White mulberry extract-white mulberry which is known scientifically as morus alba. white mulberry work in a different manner to improve uneven skin colour. It helps to lightening skin tone & pigmentations, reduce dark spots and bluntness.

    How to use-

    Step – 1 Wash your face with a gently face wash & pat dry.
    Step 2 Apply Feodora Stem skin glow at adequate quantity.
    Step – 3 Then use Feodora D- pigmentation cream on the entire face and neck in the morning and before stepping out in day light.

    Who can use-

    • It is applicable for all skin type. For Oily to Combination skin tone, Use Feodora D- Pigmentation cream after applying Fedora Stem Skin Glow but for Normal to Dry skin, use Feodora D – pigmentation product after applying Skin care O2.
    • Use any other care of skin pigmentations.
    • Use care of remove dark spots.
    • Use care of remove skin tanning.


    Its make your skin supple and glow.
    Also prevents further darkening of the skin.
    It helps to reduce dark spots, age spots, tanning pigmentation & Acne marks.
    Protects the skin from sun damage.

    Feodora D pigmentation cream is made with Ginger, Turmeric, saffron,sweet flag, almond,sun flower seed,aqua,organic daisy flowers, white mulberry extract and vitamin c. It is a fast absorbing organic cream .It helps removing age spots, tanning and remove pigmentations marks and keeps your skin soft and healthy.

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    Very Good(avijit das)

    I ordered this cream for my mother. It is packaging sturdy & travel-friendly. It removes to reduce dark spots, age spots, tanning pigmentation & Acne marks from my mother's skin & has given a visible bright healthy skin within a few use. Turmeric is a revolutionary ingredient that fades areas of hyperpigmentation, diminishes the appearance of dark spots, and refines the complexion, eventually, my mom got healthy & even texture skin it really worked positively on my mother's skin. I must recommend everyone to use it once who are facing pigmentation spots like my mother.