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    Hair Growth Lotion

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    Feodora Hair Growth Lotion is an aqua formulation that helps in vitalizing hair roots , promoting hair growth, stimulating hair follicles and preventing excessive hair loss.

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    Shikakai extract-In Ayurveda shikakai known as fruit of hair.its herb is known to effectively treat hair growth issues and dandruff, and is a natural cleanser for hair. Its removes hair lice and dandruff.its make your hair soft and shiny. It also helps reduce the itchiness and inflammation of your scalp.
    Bhringraj extract-Bhringraj is very essential ingredients for hair. Bhringraj helps in improving the blood circulation , which further helps in activating the dead hair follicles and promote hair growth. It also contains extract of Amla and Shikakai which helps reduces hair fall and dandruff also provides extra volume and lustre.
    Methi extracts- methi is a great source of vitamins-A, B, C, K, protein, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphates, folic acid, saponins, flavonoids, and many other components that are essential for healthy hair growth. Also, it has powerful antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects that maintain a healthy scalp environment thereby promoting stronger hair growth.Methi contains lecithin, which acts as a natural emollient that conditions and moisturizes your scalp and hair deeply. Also, it makes your hair stronger from the roots by providing rich nourishment. Thus, it controls hair shedding efficiently.Methi helps in combating dandruff and itching by controlling the infection-causing bacteria.
    hibiscus extract- Chinese hibiscus is a popular remedy for hair growth. It helps to stop hair loss. Hibiscus is rich in vitamin C, flavonoids, amino acids, fibre, and antioxidants; all of which are great at moisturising and nourishing your hair and scalp. In other words, Hibiscus provides nourishment to your locks, promotes growth of luscious hair, and gives your mane a naturally satin, smooth texture.

    How to use-

    Step-1 part your hair many section .
    Step-2apply few drops of feodora hair growth lotion to hair scalp of each section.
    Step-3 rpeat the process for other section then massage your hair gently for 5/7 mints to get absorbed the solution to your hair and wash it next day.

    Who can use-

    It is suitable for all hair types.
    Use care of improves blood circulation in scalp.
    Use prevent scalp infection.


    • Improves blood circulation in scalp.
    • Helps strengthen roots,follicles, fight dryness & sustains scalp oil.
    • Prevent scalp infection.
    • Reduce dandruff & itchiness.
    • Stop hair fall.
    • Promotes hair growth.
    • Prevent premature greying.
    • Prevent split ends.
    • Silky,shine & radiant glow

    Feodora hair care lotion is a herbs formulated lotion that prevents hair loss. It Making your hair healthier and shinier.it provides nourishment and protection to the hair. It improves texture of your hair.it increases hair strength and enhances your hairs beauty.

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    Fantastic(Kalyan Rakshit)

    What a product, it gives hair roots instant power doesn't hair fall,smell is OK,quality very good Calp for the concepts which are use this product without single chemical, perseveatives