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    Anti Aging Skin Toner

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    Feodora Anti Aging Skin Toner start working with problem areas at its roots by accelerating the skin's ability to renew itself.

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    Grape extract-Grape seed extract has many anti aging properties to help fight the battle against fine lines and wrinkles. Grape seed extract increases cell turnover and collagen synthesis which helps your skin stay elastic and stay healthy.
    Green apple extract-The deoxidants present in green apples delay ageing and prevent your skin from premature ageing. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, phenol strengthen your body to fight out wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles. The deoxidants curb skin damages and value the quality of the skin. They also help in the proper nourishment of the skin and eliminate dark circles to a great extent.
    Berry extract- In particular, collagen and elastin are two proteins that give your skin structure. Poor lifestyle habits can accelerate damage to these proteins, leading to skin sagging and an increase in fine lines and wrinkles blueberries, is associated with fewer signs of aging and better skin quality due to their ability to scavenge free radicals in the skin and promote healing .
    Milk peptide- It stimulate collagen production.its help to remove in depth of wrinkles. In addition to collagen, peptides also make up elastin fibers, also a type of protein. These fibers make skin look firmer and tauter. Peptides can help ease inflammation, repair damaged skin, and even out skin tone.

    How to use-

    Step-1 Wash your face with any mild facewash.
    Step-2 take appropriate quantity of feodora anti aging skin toner on cotton and apply to your face and neck.

    Who can use-

    It is applicable for all skin types.
    Use this product, in case you facing damage skin
    Use this product improve skin qualities.


    It helps to hydrate smoothen and soften your skin.
    It helps to improve skin quality.
    It help to nourish your skin.
    It help to balance collagen & elastin level of your skin.

    cleaning, toning, moisturizing is very important part in our daily skin care regime. Feodora anti aging toner is used to cleanse the skin, effectively removing impurities that remain after washing your face.It can help close pores and tighten cell gaps after cleansing,thus reducing the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin. It makes the skin look bouncier,more radiant and youthful.

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