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    Perfect Winter Care Combo

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    o2,coldcream,lipbalm & cleanser combo

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    o2,coldcream,lipbalm & cleanser combo

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    cold cream- Pomegranate extract- pomegranates promote smooth,firm skin by boosting collagen and elastin production and soften skin. Skin naturally loses collagen with age, and poor diet, smoking, and other adverse lifestyle habits can make you lose it even faster. Pomegranates’ antioxidant makeup can help reduce the appearance of skin aging, but studiesTrusted Source support vitamin C’s topical role in developing collagen, and not necessarily pomegranate fruit. o2 skin care- Prunas avium fruit extract- It moisturizes skin, nourishes and provides a smoothening effect to the skin.It can protect skin from environmental damage from free radicals.It decreases visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. lipbalm- Beetroot extract-Using Beetroot extract as natural coloring agent for feodora vegan lip balm made it elixir. Beetroot extract is very effective in clearing out the pigmentation of the lips. It gets rid of flakiness and makes lips soft and supple.

    How to use-

    Lip balm -Use feodora lipbalm round the clock to heal lip damages and also to get soft, supple and pinkish lip. Reapply once in every 4-5 hours or if needed. o2-Take two drops of feodora skin care o2 with half cup of warm water in morning on empty stomach and add ½ drops of feodora skin care o2 with any of your skin care product & blend it well before apply. cold cream- Take appropriate quantity of feodora cold cream and apply gently on all over your clean face and neck for better result use with feodora o2 skin care. Apply 2-3times a day to get a soft,smooth and glowing skin during winter.

    Who can use-

    Any body can use this combo products.


    Softens and intense moisturizes the skin.
    Increases skins elasticity.
    Stimulates the regeneration of skin cells.
    Deeply nourishes and repairs the skin.
    Helps to maintain natural pinkish lip colour.
    It Moisturises dry lips.
    Protects against sun burn.
    Heals chapped lips.
    This lip balm keeps your lips healthy.
    It helps fade away any kind of hyperpigmentation, dullness and dark spots that are present on your lips.

    o2,coldcream,lipbalm & cleanser combo

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