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    Body oil

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    Body oil

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    Body oil

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    Almond oil- almond oil makes an excellent moisturizer for the skin.it can help prevent stretch marks & protect your skin for sun damage.
    Cocoa butter-cocoa butter lotion can replenish skins moisture and create a barrier to protect your skin from moisture loss. Cocoa butter definitely helps skin maintain its elasticity
    Wheat germ oil-wheat germ oil balance skin damage. It maintain the softness,suppleness of skin.its also control blood clotting on the skin.it prevent moisture loss from skin.

    How to use-

    Apply body oil gently all over the body with special attention to dry areas,slowly massage on your skin.

    Who can use-

    suitable for all skin types.


    Gives an instant glow.
    Hydrates & restores lost moisture.
    Boost collagen Production.
    Tones and tightens skin.

    Body oil

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