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    Body Oil 100 ml

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    Keeping it in mind that you love your skin throughout the year Feodora brings body oil with almost every natural herbs benefits & goodness. The orange, turmeric, grape seed oil & sandal wood essential oil rich feodora body oil is light & quick absorbing. Feodora body oil formulated to brighten up dull complexion,improve uneven skin tone and hydrate air conditioner- dry skin.

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    Eucalyptus oil- Eucalyptus oil boosts blood circulation. it works as a critical element for healthy vibrance and glow. Anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and other inflammatory conditions, making the oil a super skin soother.It specially helpful to maintain moisture in your skin.it also improve your dry & damaged skin. Inhaling eucalyptus essential oil decrease pain. Eucalyptus contains many anti-inflammatory compounds, such as cineole and limonene, which act as pain relievers.
    Orange Extract-Orange essential oil has the properties of a sedative. This means that it can help you relax. Orange essential oil has strong antibacterial properties and can be used on cuts, wounds, and abrasions to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria. This helps in preventing bacterial infections from occurring.orange essential oil act as a tonic.it makes it extremely good for the body as it has boosting properties. These properties of organce oil ensure that the right amounts of hormones and enzymes are secreted by specific organs at the right time.
    Sandle wood oil sandle wood oil has anti inflammatory properties that can relief from the itchiness and skin irritation.people have been getting sun tans since ages.The sandle wood oil help in getting rid of sun tan quickly.it removes dark spots on your skin & relaxes the muscles.
    Turmeric- Turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. These characteristics provide glow and luster to the skin. Turmeric also revive your skin by bringing out its natural glow.Using turmeric can be a great way to get rid of sun tan.

    How to use-

    Take appropriate quantity of feodora body oil,rub on your palm and massage to your full body on circular motion.

    How to use-

    Men & woman both are applicable.
    Use this body oil any skin types people.


    Reduce different joint pain.
    Reduce inflammation and muscle pain.
    Nourishes your skin.
    Lighten & brighten skin tone.
    Protect your skin from any fungal & bacterial infection.
    Repair your skin damage, give a soft,smooth & supple skin.
    Protect you from cold & cough.
    Boost mental health.
    Decelerate mood swing.
    Improve sleep pattern.
    Improve mental & physical health.
    Also good for massaging baby under age 3years.

    Nourished Skin Increase blood circulation Improve skin texture. Feodora body oil is a nice herbal product comprising of different types of essential oil. These healing oils are rapidly growing in popularity because they act as natural medicine without any side effects. Ready to harness the power of the world's most proven therapeutic compounds? Then, you need to try our Feodora body oil. Ingredients: Olea europaea oil, Prunus dulcis oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, Orange Essential Oil, Sandle wood oil, Turmeric oil,Grapeseed oil, Vit – E oil, BHT. How to Use: Take an appropriate quantity of Feodora body Oil, rub on your palm and massage to your full body on circular motion. Benefits: Massaging your body with Feodora Body oil helps to reduce friction and pain in different joints. Massaging with Feodora body oil helps to nourish your skin & gives you an awesome radiant feeling. Also, protect you from cold & cough. It also helps to lighten your skin and also helps to protect skin from fungal & bacterial infection. Massaging with Feodora body oil helps to repair skin damage, give a soft, smooth & supple skin. By massaging your body with Feodora body oil helps to ease sprains, swelling, etc. Herbal Product tends to change color over the period. But product efficacy remain the same. Unit Pack 100ml

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