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    Vegan Lip Balm Strawberry & Beetroot 15g

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    Vegan Lip Balm

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    Shea Butter - It helps to boosts moisture on your lip. Shea butter protect your lip against sun burns and make your lip supple.
    Castor oil-castor oil contains antioxidants that fighting dry lips and lock your lips moisture.castor oil is also rich in fatty acids that helps to hydrates on your lips.
    Beetroot extract-Using Beetroot extract as natural coloring agent for feodora vegan lip balm made it elixir. Beetroot extract is very effective in clearing out the pigmentation of the lips. It gets rid of flakiness and makes lips soft and supple.
    Strawberry extract-using real stwaberry extract as flavouring agent ,helps this lip balm to avoid any kind of harmfulness to our soft lips. Strawberry has vitamin C and salicylic acid, which remove dead cells in your lips and give you nourishes them. The moisture-retention formula makes your lips naturally glossy while the antioxidants and actives care for your lips by protecting them from environmental damage.

    How to use-

    Use feodora lipbalm round the clock to heal lip damages and also to get soft, supple and pinkish lip.
    Reapply once in every 4-5 hours or if needed.

    Who can use-

    It is 100% herbal lip balm which is suitable for all skin types and suitable for every one.


    Helps to maintain natural pinkish lip colour.
    It Moisturises dry lips.
    Protects against sun burn.
    Heals chapped lips.
    This lip balm keeps your lips healthy.
    It helps fade away any kind of hyperpigmentation, dullness and dark spots that are present on your lips

    Feodora vegan lipbalm made with 100% natural ingredients, shea butter, castor oil, strawberry and a beetroot. We donot use any synthetic colour and perfume therefore it can help your lips to get rids of multiple problems that usually we face by using lipstick or other lip colour products.This lip balm easy melts into your lips and keep them moisturised for 24 hours. This lip balm protects your lips from becoming dry and against the harmful rays of the sun as well also helps to maintain naturally pink lips.

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    Very Good(Mayurita mallick)

    After a month Of Usage, I’m rewriting the review. The product quality is fantastic. cost is also reasonable. After using this lip balm my lip was moisturized for a long time. it gives my lip a pinkish glow & Pulpy. This lip balm is a soft gentle and very nice texture. This needs touch-up after having meals which is no issue since it's so handy. for better results use it at night it works like magic trust me and your lips got just like a protective shield. I love it a lot. It's simply the best and value for money. so go for it…..